European Vision

A Point of View on European Integration

The following assumptions for a more efficient European Integration are applicable

  • Communication will be developed technically and not least psychologically. This is a basic condition for urgently needed improvement of skilled labor as well as cross disciplinary team works in pan-European companies. Communication will become the most important means of expression of power and competitiveness. (Awareness of the importance of reconstruction is an imperative).

  • Feedback between ideas, actions and their results will also function on the European level. The methods for achievement of the community will be constantly adjusted and improved.

  • The sense of Europe will grow and be spread, which will cause that the common European interest will be given the priority more readily then in the past.

  • Any former possible stimulation, caused by the fear of an outside totalitarian state will be replaced by the stimulation from: 1. The fear of becoming a loser in competition with the US and Japan. 2. The fear of individual and state terrorism

  • International cooperation will create enough confidence to allow each particular society to solve its main problems, which in turn will improve the market. (The principles: “Grow by helping the others” and “Neighbours success creates our success” will be made valid).

  • Improved and international communication will simplify the solution of conflicts that have hitherto posed problems for Europe. Disclosures of possible conflicts and potential crises will diminish the traditional European vulnerability in this matter.

  • Germany will continue their policy of processing the European integration taking into account also British experience on the field of financial system. French Ariane-program will do better.

  • Postcommunist countries will adjust their operation and organization to western standards. The most important achievements of teams and institutions focused on development and growth will be compensated financially. Means for fiscal environment protection control will be worked out and implemented.
  • Jacek Gancarczyk, 1996

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