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This page includes a collection of www presentations of museums in Poland. Please mail Jacek Gancarson if you know about relevant on-line information not included here.

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Museums in Poland on the Internet

* indicates a resource with large collections and/or especially recommended
 1 indicates a resource has been recently added to the list
R indicates a museum listed in State Register of Museums in Poland.

Languages : Cz = Czech, E = English, Es = Spanish, F = French, D = German, I = Italian, Ma = Hungarian, PL = Polish, Ru = Russian, SLo = Slovakian

The museums (in alphabetical order of location):

Białowieża Białowieża National Park, Museum of nature and forest (E, F, PL)
Biała Podlaska Museum of Southern Podlasie (E, PL) R
Bielsko-Biała Museum in Bielsko-Biała, The Castle, Museum of Technology and Textile Industry,
The Weaver House Museum and Julian Fałat Museum (E, D, F, PL)
Biskupin near Bydgoszcz * Biskupin, The best known archaeological reservation in Central Europe (E, PL)
Częstochowa * Museum of Holy Virgin Mary of Częstochowa, The Sanctuary, The Treasury, Museum of 600-Aniversary and the Arsenal (E, D, F, I, Es, Ma, Cz, SLo, PL)
Frombork 1Nicolaus Copernicus Museum in Frombork. Museum dedicated to life and works of Nicolai Copernicus (D, E, F, Ru, PL)
Gdańsk National Museum in Gdańsk, Art from XV to XX Century (E, D, PL)
The Polish Maritime Museum in Gdańsk, Underwater archeological artefacts (E, D, PL) R
Museum of the Second World War, Museum in development (E, PL) R

Gdynia Oceanographic Museum and Marine Aquarium, Ca 600 animals of ca 60 species in 34 aquariums (E, PL)
Giecz Museum in Giecz, The stronghold of first Piasts (E, PL)
Gliwice Museum in Gliwice (E, D, PL)
Grudziądz The Grudziądz Museum. (E, D, Ru, PL) R
Kalisz Regional Museum of Kalisia District (E, D, PL)
Kampinos near Warsaw Kampinos National Park (E, PL)
Kartuzy near Gdynia Kaszuby Museum (E, D, PL)
Katowice Śląsk Museum (E, D, PL)
Katowice History Museum (D, PL)
Kęty near Oświęcim Aleksander Kłosiński Museum in Kęty (E, PL)
Kielce National Museum in Kielce (PL, E) R
Kłodzko The Museum of the Kłodzko Region (PL, E, D) R
Kozłówka near Lublin *Zamoyski Museum, The only residence style museum in the region   (D, E, PL)
Kraków 1Museum of Contemporary Art in Kraków, Former Schindler factory (E, PL)
* Wawel Royal Castle, Historic Royal Residence (E, PL)
1Cracow History Museum (E, PL)
1The Jagellonian University Museum (E, PL)
National Museum in Cracow, 10 Branches, 11 Galleries, 21 Departments, 12 Conservation Studios (E, D, PL). Museum's Profile
1Museum of Photography (E, PL)
Polish Home Army Museum (E, PL)
Galicia Jewish Museum (E, PL)
Polish Aviation Museum, More than 100 planes, gliders, helicopters and anti-aircraft missiles (E, PL)
Krasiczyn near Przemyśl Castle and Park Ensamble in Krasiczyn (E, D, Ru, PL)
Krokowa near Gdynia Regional Museum – Castle Krokowa (D, PL)
Krosno The Sub-Carpathian Museum in Krosno (E, PL)
Lednica near Gniezno Museum of the first Piast, Lednica (E, D, PL) R
Leszno near Poznań Regional Museum in Leszno (E, D, PL)
Lublin Lublin Museum, Polish painting, decorative art, etnography, military arms, numizamatics, archeology (E, PL)

Open Air Village Museum, (E, PL)

State Museum in Majdanek, German Nazi Concentration Camp from WW II (D, E, PL)

Łańcut 1 The Łańcut Castle Museum, Former residence of Potockis, Eastern Church Art Collection and Carriage Museum (E, D, F, PL)
The Distillery Museum, (E, PL)
Łowicz Museum in Łowicz (PL, E) R

Muzeum of Art . One of the oldest european museums of vconterporary art, opened 1920 (PL, E) R
Central Museum of Textiles. The bigest Textile Museum in Poland, hosting the International Triennial of Tapestry in Łódz, the world's bigest exhibition promoting contemporary Tapestry (E, PL)

Malbork *Malbork Castle, The Teutonic Order Castle from XIV Century (D, E, PL)
Nowy Sącz *Regional Museum in Nowy Sącz (E, PL)
Olsztyn Museum of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn  (E, PL)
Opiniogóra near Ciechanów Romantism Museum in Opinogóra  (E, PL)
Opole The Museum of the Opolian Silesia (PL, E, D, Cz) R
Central Museum of Prisoners-of-War in Łambinowice-Opole (PL, E, D) R
The Opole Open-Air Museum of Rural Architecture (PL, E, D, Cz) R
Oporów near Kutno Museum - Zamek w Oporowie (PL, E) R

* Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp (1940-1945) (E, PL)

Otrębusy near Warszawa The Motorisation Museum (PL, E) R
Pińczów near Krakow Regional Museum, Prehistory of the region, Synagogue (E, PL)
Płock Diocesan Museum in Płock (E, D, PL) R
Poznań * National Museum, with nine branches, large collection of paintings, sculpture, musical instruments, militaria and applied art (E, PL) R
Poznan Archaeological Museum, Prehistoric and Medieval archeology of Wielkopolska. Egipt and Sudan Collections (E, PL)

Pszczyna near Katowice * The Castle Museum in Pszczyna, The historical castle of the region (E, D, PL) R
Rogoźnica near Wałbrzych The Gross-Rosen Museum in Rogoźnica, (E, F, D, PL) R
Rzeszów The Regional Museum in Rzeszów, (E, PL)
The Bedtime Show Museum. (E, F, D, PL)
Sierpc near Płock 1 Museum of the Mazovian Countryside, Historic monuments of folk culture (E, D, PL)
Słupsk Museum of Central Pomerania, Museum of the region with large collection of graphics of S.Witkiewicz (E, I, PL)
Stalowa Wola The Regional Museum in Stalowa Wola (E, PL) R
Stryszów near Kraków The manor house in Stryszów, Wooden manor house from XIX Century (E, PL)
Szczecin The Castle of Pomerania Dukes (D, E, PL)
Szreniawa near Poznań National Museum of Agriculture in Szreniawa, (D, E, PL)
Sztutowo (Stutthof) National Stutthof Museum, WW II Concentration Camp Museum (D, E, PL)
Tarnów Diocesan Museum, The oldest diocesan museum in Poland (D, E, PL)
Toruń Regional Museum in Toruń (E, D, PL)
Ethnographic Museum in Toruń (E, PL) R

1 National Museum in Warsaw, 11 own collections of Polish and world art, scheduled guest exhibitions (E, PL) R
1 Wilanów Museum Palace, Royal residence from XVII Century (E, D, F, PL)
1 Royal Castle in Warsaw, Fully reconstructed royal residence (E, Ru, PL)
The Historical Museum of Warsaw, Results of archeological and architectural investigations after WW II (E, PL) R
11 Warsaw Uprising Museum, Recently founded museum of Warsaw Uprising 1944 (E, PL, D, F, Ru) R
1 Polish History Museum (E, PL)
Wilanów Poster Museum, One of world's largest collections of posters (E, PL) Museum's Profile
Museum of the History of Polish Jews, (E, PL)
John Paul II collection of paintings. (E, PL)
The Independence Museum (E, PL) R
Zachęta Gallery, Polish painters, starting from 1960-ties (E, PL)
Museum of Carton Arts and Caricature (E, PL)
Museum of Hunting. (E, F, D, PL) R
Museum of Sports and Tourism (E, PL) R
Centre for Contemporary Art, Contemporary art exhibitions and events, Internet linkage to Art Galleries in Poland (E, PL)
Museum of Asia and Pacific, (E, PL) R

Wdzydze Kiszewskie The Teodora and Izydor Gulgowski Kashubian Ethnografical Park in Wdzydze Kiszewskie (PL, E, D, F) R


near Krakow

* The Wieliczka Salt Mine Tourist Route, (E, D, Ru, F, I ), 1 Cracow Salt-Works Museum (E, D, PL). The 700-year-old salt mine
Włocławek The Muzeum of the Kujawy and Dobrzyn Land (E, PL) R

National Museum in Wrocław, (E, PL) Museum's Profile
Panorama of the Battle of Racławice, Branch of the National Museum in Wrocław (E, D, PL) Museum's Profile
The National Ossolinski Institute, Manuscripts, old prints, graphics, numismatics, maps (E, PL)
Museums in Wrocław (E, D, F, PL)
Zamość The Zamość Museum (E, PL)
Zakopane The Tatra Museum in Zakopane. (PL, E, Es, D, F, I, Ru, ) R
Karol Szymanowski Museum in the Villa Atma in Zakopane, A branch of National Museum in Krakow (PL, E, D)
Zielona Góra Lubuska Province Museum, Zielona Góra. Regional Viti culture and sacral sculpture from XV-XIX Century (D, E, PL) R

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